Warning! Your A/C Needs You To Take Action!

April 01, 2022

When your A/C is running for a significant period of time, it can be hard to remember that preventative maintenance is still necessary, especially when your system has been working hard for months. It’s not until you’re stuck in a hot house in the Tampa heat that you kick yourself for not taking preventative A/C measures into your hands earlier. Luckily, our Red Cap Family is here to educate you NOW on why you should spring into action to ensure your A/C system receives the TLC it needs.

Reason #1: Perform A/C maintenance now to prevent emergency breakdowns.

Scrambling to find an A/C company to come out in a reasonable amount of time during peak season is a challenge. It’s certainly not a fun time making those phone calls while simultaneously rearranging your schedule to accommodate an emergency A/C appointment. You can prevent it by scheduling A/C maintenance now, ensuring any issues are discovered and repaired.

Reason #2: Perform A/C maintenance now to increase A/C efficiency.

When your system receives regular service, it ensures your cooling system is running at peak efficiency. This is because your system is fine-tuned, eliminating issues and providing maximum comfort for you and your family during even the worst days in the Tampa heat.

Reason #3: Perform A/C maintenance now to ensure healthier indoor air.

Over time, it’s expected that natural dirt and debris will get lodged into your system, impacting the airflow and your indoor air quality. Cleaning parts through a maintenance appointment, like filters and coils, will make sure your family is only breathing in healthy indoor air this summer.

Reason #4: Perform A/C maintenance now to lower cooling costs.

Who wants to SPEND LESS to cool their home? We would bet just about everyone in Tampa Bay! You will simultaneously lower cooling costs when you improve your system’s efficiency because your system is no longer overworking to keep you cool. The opposite can be said when your system is running harder than normal, causing average utility bills to increase.

Reason #5: Perform A/C maintenance now to extend the lifespan of your system.

When your system has to run longer and harder to keep you cool, it decreases its lifespan. The average A/C system lifespan can last anywhere between 8 to 12 years, but you certainly don’t want this timeline to be any less. Installing new systems can be expensive, so it’s important that your system lasts you as long as it can while maintaining its efficiency.

Ready For A/C Maintenance?

Now that you know why it is important to take action with your A/C system, our Red Cap Family is here to help with the task at hand! Call our team today to schedule your next A/C service. Schedule yours by dialing our team at (813) 452-5983.

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