How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Central AC Motor in Tampa, FL?

March 20, 2018

First of all, your AC has 2 types of motors:

  1. A blower motor, which is located inside in the air handler. The cost to replace a central AC blower motor in Tampa ranges from $345 to $635.

  2. A fan motor, which is located in the outdoor unit. The cost to replace a central AC fan motor ranges in Tampa ranges from $200 to $600.

The cost to replace these motors largely depends on factors like…

  • The type of motor you need

  • Your AC warranty

  • The contractor you hire

We’ll go into more detail about those factors later in the article. But first, to give you some more context, let’s go into more detail about what each of these motors do...

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What do AC motors do?

Like we mentioned in the beginning, your AC system has 2 types of motors that help cool your home. We’ll explain the purpose of each one here:

The blower motor

YourAC blower motor is responsible for powering—you guessed it—the blower. The blower is actually responsible for 3 different actions:

  • Step 1: Sucking in warm air from inside your home
  • Step 2: Pushing that warm air over the evaporator coil (the part that cools the air)
  • Step 3: Blowing the cold, conditioned air back into your home
central ac blower motor process

Blower sucks in warm air, where it’s cooled at the evaporator coil and then pushed back into your home as cool air

Now, if your blower motor is broken or faulty, you’ll get...

  • Longer than normal cooling cycles

  • Higher energy bills

  • Very little or no air coming out of your vents

  • Ice on evaporator coil (due to lowered airflow over the coils)

The condenser fan motor

Located outside, your AC condenser fan motor has one job: to cool down superheated refrigerant.

You see, refrigerant, the special substance that absorbs heat from your home’s air, travels throughout your AC system in a continuous loop: it absorbs heat from inside your home then travels outside to dump all that heat into the outside air and then travels back indoors to repeat the process.

central air conditioner refrigerant cycle

So, when the refrigerant travels to the outside unit, it’s carrying a lot of heat. And that’s where your condenser fan comes into play. The fan blows air over the refrigerant lines to help push that heat into the outdoor air.

But, if your fan motor gives out, you’ll get…

  • A buzzing noise outside (if the problem is electrical)

  • Longer cooling cycles

  • Higher energy bills

  • Air that’s warmer than usual indoors

  • A bad/broken compressor—the (very expensive) part that pumps refrigerant around the system

Factors that determine how much you’ll pay to replace your AC motor

#1: The type of motor you need

Here’s how both types of motors break down in price (not including labor):

  • Blower motors are usually more expensive and cost $100 to $300+

  • Fan motors are usually less expensive and cost $75 to $200+

Your service tech will help you find a model that matches your HVAC system.

#2: Your AC warranty

Most new air conditioners come with a limited parts warranty that will cover failed AC parts (like the blower motor and fan motor) for 5-10 years (warranty length depends on the manufacturer).

Note: Most AC warranties only cover the defective part, not the labor to replace it.

However, for your AC warranty to be valid you need to have done the following:

  1. Registered your air conditioner with the manufacturer when you first installed the AC

  2. Hired a certified technician to maintain your air conditioner annually

If you didn’t do those 2 things, your warranty may not be valid. Visit your AC manufacturer's website or contact the contractor who installed your AC to find out the specifics of your warranty.

#3: The contractor you hire

In addition to the motor itself, you’ll also need to pay for the labor to install it. Contractors can charge for their labor in 2 ways:

  1. Hourly: A contractor who charges by the hour will bill you a fee for every hour it takes to do the job. For example, if the contractor charges $75 per hour, and the job takes 2 hours, then the labor would cost $150 total.

  2. A fixed rate: Some contractors charge a flat rate for their services—regardless of how long it takes to do the job. For example, they may charge $150 for labor to replace an AC motor even if the job takes 3 hours instead of 2.

When you’re looking for an AC contractor, we recommend finding one who…

  • Has good online customer reviews (on sites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Google)

  • Is licensed and insured

  • Offers written estimates for their work, so you know what to expect from the beginning

Need a new central AC motor? Are you in the Tampa area?

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