How Much Does a Furnace Repair Cost in Florida?

December 21, 2020

Winter is the worst time to have problems with your furnace, but unfortunately, that’s typically when issues arise. Although very cold days in Florida are rare, if your furnace isn’t working, you likely want it repaired right away. That being said, you’re probably wondering how much a furnace repair will set you back.

The cost of a furnace repair in Florida ranges from $300 to $1,200+, with the average being around $750.

Several factors will influence the cost of your furnace repair:

  1. The type of repair needed
  2. The amount of labor required
  3. The status of your furnace warranty coverage
  4. The contractor you hire to do the job

Let’s unpack these four cost factors a bit more.

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Cost factor #1: The type of repair needed

The cost of your furnace repair will depend on the specific furnace problem you’re having. This is because repairing or replacing certain parts of your furnace costs more than repairing or replacing other parts.

Generally speaking, replacing faulty furnace parts is more expensive than repairing them. However, the specific part that is damaged and the extent to which it is damaged will have the biggest impact on the cost.

For reference, here are some common furnace repairs and their average costs:

  • Blower motor repair - $150
  • Blower motor replacement - $450
  • Circuit board or pressure sensor repair or replacement - $40-$350
  • Draft inducer replacement - $150-$450
  • Flame sensor repair or replacement - $80-$250
  • Gas valve or smart valve replacement - $150-$750
  • Heat exchanger repair - $100 (for simple repairs)
  • Heat exchanger replacement - $500-$1,200
  • Ignitor replacement - $300-$400
  • Thermostat replacement - $50-$200+

Cost factor #2: The amount of labor required

The more time a repair takes to complete, the more the furnace repair will typically cost.

Certain types of furnace repairs are more time-intensive and difficult to complete than others, which will impact the cost of the service.

For example, if the faulty furnace component is not easily accessible, the tech may need to remove other parts to locate and repair it. Since this process takes more time and effort, it will cost more.

At Red Cap Plumbing and Air, we charge a fixed rate instead of charging by the hour. That way, if a repair takes longer than expected, you’re still paying the same fixed price.

Cost factor #3: The status of your furnace warranty coverage

If your furnace warranties are still valid, you’re more likely to pay less for your furnace repair.

When you purchase your furnace, it comes with two types of warranties:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty is provided by the manufacturer. It covers the cost of any replacement parts for defective furnace components. Typically, this coverage lasts for up to 5-10 years.
  • Labor warranty: The labor warranty is provided by the HVAC company that installs your furnace. It covers the cost of labor required to fix any malfunctioning parts due to errors during the installation process. The duration of this coverage varies depending on the contractor.

If one or both of these warranties are still valid, they could significantly reduce your furnace repair bill. To find out if your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and search your furnace’s serial number to get more information.

Similarly, you can contact the HVAC company that installed your furnace to find out if your labor warranty is still valid.

Cost factor #4: The contractor you hire to do the job

Hourly rates vary by contractor, but high-quality HVAC professionals are likely to charge a little more for their services.

Unfortunately, in this type of situation, you get what you pay for. Lower-priced HVAC professionals may be appealing due to the reduced cost, but a licensed and experienced HVAC professional will ensure that the job is done the right way the first time.

To determine whether an HVAC professional is reputable and worth the higher price, check online reviews to get more details about their past projects and services. You can also check the contractor’s website to review licensure, insurance, and other information about the contractor’s credentials and certifications.

To verify a contractor’s license, you can check with your local licensing department or your state's Department of Labor (each state has different licensing organizations and requirements for HVAC contractors).

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