Cost of a Furnace Repair in Florida

January 10, 2023

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How much does it cost to repair a furnace in Florida?

Your furnace works hard throughout winter to keep your home and family cozy and warm. While these systems are designed to be reliable and efficient, they are not immune to problems. If your furnace has started to make a strange noise or is refusing to fire up, you might wonder how much repairs will cost.

A furnace repair in Florida ranges from $300 to $1,200+. The average cost of furnace repair is around $750.

Several factors will affect your final bill:

  • The extent of repairs needed
  • If you need a heat exchanger replacement
  • The status of your warranties
  • Whether it's more cost-effective to get a new furnace
  • The HVAC contractor you hire

One or more of these cost factors may come into play when you arrange furnace repairs in Florida. Let's take a closer look at these factors so that you have a rough guide to the costs you may face.

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The Extent of Repairs Needed

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The type of damage will impact the cost of your furnace repair.

Your final bill will depend on the nature of the fault and the cost of replacement parts.

Furnace issues can range from minor issues that can wait a few days to complete breakdowns that need urgent attention. The price you pay for your furnace repairs will depend on the parts being repaired or replaced and the time spent completing the repairs.

If a furnace component needs replacement, it may make up a large proportion of your final bill. For example, the most expensive parts to replace on a furnace are the circuit board, blower motor, and draft inducer motor. Your technician should ensure you are fully aware of the costs upfront and may advise furnace replacement rather than repair.

Here are some of the most common furnace repairs and their approximate associated costs:

  • Blower motor repair - $150
  • Blower motor replacement - $450
  • Circuit board or pressure sensor repair or replacement - $40-$350
  • Draft inducer replacement - $150-$450
  • Flame sensor repair or replacement - $80-$250
  • Gas valve or smart valve replacement - $150-$750
  • Heat exchanger replacement - $1,000-$3,500
  • Ignitor replacement - $300-$400
  • Thermostat replacement - $50-$200+

If You Need a Heat Exchanger Replacement

When glancing through the list above, you may have noticed that one part stands out from the rest regarding cost — the heat exchanger. Unfortunately, heat exchangers are the most expensive parts on your furnaceand can typically cost between $1,000 and $3,500 to replace.

This cost is justified, however, when you consider how vital the heat exchanger is to the operation of your furnace. The heat exchanger is responsible for generating heat for your home. As your furnace pulls in room-temperature air, it distributes that air over the heated coils of the heat exchanger. This warmed air is blown through your ducts, vents, and into your home. Quite simply, without a heat exchanger, there is no heat. Your technicians will diagnose any heat exchanger faults and then explain the options available for replacement or repair.

The Status of Your Warranties

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A valid warranty can help you save money on a furnace repair.

You could save on repairs if your manufacturer and labor warranties are still valid. Warranties are more than just a piece of paper that comes with your new furnace. They could help you to save a significant sum when it comes to furnace repairs. When you have a new furnace installed, you'll typically receive two warranties:

  • Manufacturer's warranty: Your furnace manufacturer provides this warranty. Coverage typically lasts 5-10 years and covers the cost of replacing any defective components during the warranty period.
  • Labor warranty: The HVAC contractor that installs your new furnace will provide you with a labor warranty. The warranty duration varies from contractor to contractor and covers the cost of labor required to fix components that have failed due to the installation process.

The good news is that if one or both of your warranties are valid, you could pay less for your furnace repair. If you're not sure whether your warranties are valid, here's what you can do:

  • Check your manufacturer's warranty: Visit the manufacturer's website. They will usually have an area where you can enter your furnace's serial number to check the validity of your warranty.
  • Check the labor warranty: Contact the HVAC contractor that installed your furnace to check the validity of your warranty.

Whether It’s More Cost-Effective To Get a New Furnace

While most furnace problems can be rectified with repairs, replacing your system can sometimes be more economical.

Before any repairs, your technician will weigh the pros and cons of furnace repair or replacement. While repairs can resolve most furnace problems, there may be times when a new furnace will be the most economical choice.

For example, if the heat exchanger cracks in an old and inefficient furnace, there is little point in replacing it. While the heat exchanger will be brand new, the older components around it could malfunction and cause similar problems again.

Your technician can help you avoid wasting money by investing in a furnace that works efficiently and saves you money on energy bills.

The HVAC Contractor You Hire

HVAC contractors charge different rates, but it's always worth paying more for good service and dependable workmanship.

As with most things, you get what you pay for when hiring an HVAC contractor. You could experience poor service with a low-priced company and return to square one before you know it. It pays to choose an experienced, licensed, insured HVAC team.

The great thing about most HVAC companies today is that they proudly display their credentials, reviews, past projects, and insurance details on their website. It makes it easy to find all you need to know about a company before booking an appointment.

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