Red Cap AC Family Photo

At Red Cap, our company is all about family.

We value family relationships at home, in our company, with our customers and with our community. This film is a great example of how that Red Cap family culture exists between a father and son who are both team members at Red Cap.

You'll see the way they value the relationship that they have with each other, the relationship they have with their Red Cap teammates and the way they value a relationship with our Red Cap customers. It makes us proud to see a father and son share in the pride of working at Red Cap. You'll see that authenticity in the film and realize that there is no way to fake family. There were no scripts, no punch points and no guided statements. Just an honest interview of what it is like working together at Red Cap.

That type of family culture in our company is the foundation that our owner's John and Ann Gennaro built our company upon -- and it is the biggest difference between Red Cap and other companies. It 's the reason our team loves what they do, the people they do it with and the customers they do it for … it's all about family.