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Our expert Air conditioning technicians are standing by to provide quick, no hassle repair services for your Tampa home. But our commitment to our customers goes beyond our expertise.

We value your time. Here's the proof: If we don't show up on time for your AC repair, we'll credit you $100.*

*Credit towards a current or future service

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Average costs to repair an AC in Florida


Common AC repairs & signs

  • Replace compressor: $900-$2,800

Signs include ticking or rattling sounds from unit. Refrigerant leaks around outdoor unit. Warm air coming from vents. AC is tripping circuit breaker. Learn more about compressor replacement and cost.

  • Replace drain pan: $350-$650

Signs can include a rusted out pan, difficulty removing the pan, and standing fluid in the pan.

  • Replace blower motor: $345-$635

Signs your blower motor may need repair or replacement include longer than normal cooling cycles, higher energy bills, less air coming from your vents ice on your evaporator coils.

  • Replace capacitor: $160-$245
  • Replace contactor: $155-$255

Want an accurate price on your repair?

Have us come by and figure out what's wrong for $49 (FREE if you get the repair). We'll diagnose the problem and ensure that every option is discussed before your sign off on any repair service.

If the entire air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, we'll detail that process as well, including any financing options and output needs for your unit as well.

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How it works

Your AC repair in 5 simple steps:

  1. Schedule

    Contact us to schedule an appointment day and timeframe.

  2. Get an arrival call

    Your tech will call you when they're close to your home. If they don't arrive on time, we'll credit you $100*. *Credit towards a current or future service

  3. We diagnose the issue

    Your tech will carefully inspect your AC system and find the problem.

  4. Get upfront pricing

    Your tech will explain the problem, possible solutions and the prices for each solution.

  5. Relax while we repair

    Sit back and relax as your tech fixes your AC that same day (in most situations).

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DIY Fixes

Before you call, try these quick fixes:

  1. Check the thermostat: Make sure it's set to COOL. Otherwise the AC won't turn on.
  2. Check the air filter: If it's dirty, change it. A dirty air filter can cause all sort of problems, including causing the AC to freeze up and shut down.
  3. Check the circuit breaker: AC still won't turn on? A power spike may have tripped the AC's circuit breaker. Go to your electrical panel and check the breaker. If it's tripped, turn it to the OFF position, then the ON position. If the breaker trips again, contact us immediately as there is a problem elsewhere.
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